Ultra Marathon FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is the distance for the Ultra SkyMarathon? 77km
  • Are Runners allowed to use poles? YES – if they choose.
  • Are  runners required to takea headlamp?YES
  • Will there be aid stations? YES -! Please see the Aid Stations page HERE
  • Is there First Aid help out there? YES – our first aid crew includes staff trained in wilderness first aid and they will get to you where ever you are on the course. The emergency number to call is 0409047714. If you are in trouble and need help – please call this number. PUT it in your phone prior to the start of the event.
  • Are we able to have drop bags in the Ultra SkyMarathon? YES. There are two places for drop bags. 1) Eurobin Creek Picnic Area. 2) The Buffalo Chalet. You need to check these in at least 30 minutes before the start on Saturday morning – No exceptions.
  • What time is the Ultra SkyMarathon Presentation? Presentation will start at 2pm Sunday. The presentation will be at Howitt park along with the SkyMarathon presentation.
  • Can you post my prizes out if i am not there? – No sorry – we do not post prizes out. You may have a friend collect them just after the presentation. Uncollected prizes go back into the prize pools..
  • Will there be bins on the course? YES – at the aid stations – please use them.
  • Can Spectators go to the top of Mt Buffalo? Yes -Absolutely!
  • Where is a good spectator point on the Course? Clearspot, Eurobin and then at The Mt Buffalo Chalet. All great spots. If you can only do two spots – do Eurobin and The Chalet.
  • Is there anywhere that is out of bounds for spectators? YES The entire Buckland Valley. Unfortunately the previous years have proven that the addition of vehicles to the Buckland Valley proves to be very hard to manage. Please skip the Buckland Valley and head to Clearspot to see the runners. It is likely you would be turned around far from the course anyway.

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