Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to entering any events at The 2019 Buffalo Stampede SkyRunning Weekend.


NOTE: Mountain Sports has $20 million public liability insurance. This is compulsory in order to operate on NPWS land.

This does not include personal accident insurance. It is strongly recommended to take out your own personal accident and ambulance cover for the event. Your private health insurance policy may include this, but you will need to check with them.

Terms and Conditions:

More than 60 days from the event (before 12th February 2019) – 50% refund.
13th February 2019 onwards – No Refund.

Merchandise Refunds
Shirts that have been ordered cannot be refunded at any stage as this is custom made apparel. Please arrange for pick up of such items at the event. Mountain Sports does not post out. If you are unable to pick up – please arrange for a friend to pick up for you.

You always have the option to transfer your registration to another runner. Transfer cost is $30 and can be transferred to anyone who is eligible to enter the event. This can be done up until the final check in for the event. In the case of a late transfer – personalized items which may include Skyrunning Vest and race bib may not be able to be adjusted to the new participant. results will however appear in the new runners name.

How to get a refund – Follow this procedure.
1) Email your name and request to info@buffalostampede.com.au
Do NOT – message us on Facebook, SMS or call us to request a refund or transfer. Do not email any other email address to ask for a refund. All refunds MUST go through the email address: info@buffalostampede.com.au No withdrawal and refund requests will be taken any other way. It may seem like we are being difficult but it is too difficult to keep track across multiple mediums so email is the only way we process refunds. We must receive your request prior to the final refund day of 12th February 2019. After this no refund requests will be granted.

There are two types of transfer – Runner to runner and Event (Distance) Transfer.
A transfer fee of $30 is payable to transfer from one runner to another.
A transfer fee of $30 plus any difference in entry fee is payable if you change event.
transfers are all on the day.

Cancellation of the EVENT

If the event has to be cancelled due to weather conditions, natural disaster, acts of god, terrorism, war or any other reason so deemed by the organisers, the event may be rescheduled and no refunds will be issued. It is always highly unlikely the event will be rescheduled. If the event is not rescheduled – no refund will be forthcoming.

Fees payable that are not refunded.
Processing Fee – Upon entry you will pay a fee to Register Now which is processing fee and a percentage of the total paid. The amount is usually between $3 and $8. This processing fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.
Merchandise – All merchandise is available for pick up at check in at the designated times. If you do not pick up your merchandise – we do not post out and we do not refund this. It is your responsibility to pick it up or get a friend to pick it up for you.
Entry fee after 12th february 2019.

Entry entitlements
When entering the Buffalo Stampede you agree to abide by all the rules of the event. This includes leaving the course if you are directed to by an event official. An event official may remove you from the event if you have failed to achieve the cut off times for the event or due to on course dangers which may arise due to weather conditions, or other unknown events. In the situation arises that any competitor ignores the direction of an event official to leave the course or cease to continue along the event course – and chooses instead to continue along the course, Mountain Sports will invoice to the participant a service fee of no less than $280 PLUS a additional hourly fee of $140 per hour for each staff member required to monitor the movements and safety of the participant until they are off the course. Safety is a serious concern at all Mountain Sports events – we want to send you home to your family. We don’t mind if you are a bit sore and bruised but we want you alive. Please follow our directions for safety.

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