Team Stampede Challenge

Whether you belong to the Hunter Valley Trail Runners, Brisbane Trail Runners, Surf Coast Trail Runners, Alpine Runners or perhaps visit the Yurebilla Lounge on Facebook, if you run with friends form your local coffee shop or running store, or if you want to represent your favourite brew, the team stampede title makes a little fun go a long way…

In the same spirit as the team and mob run that is run each year at the 6ft track marathon, the Team Stampede is just a way of getting together with running friends and enjoying the event just that little bit more… get your competitive juices flowing and allow even some of the slower runners to get some rivalries happening. Its also the chance to raise the silverware high at the presentation event afterwards.

How does it work…

When you register – nominate your team name – ensure all of your other team mates do the same. We will take the times from the top 4 in each team (must include at least one female time) and add them together for a team challenge score.

If your team wins – you win the honour of hoisting the silverware high. The silverware is a perpetual trophy which will be engraved each year.

The rules are:

Teams will have the top 4 scoring members counted for the Team Stampede. Clubs can enter numerous teams or one large team. Each runner may be a member of only one team.

Teams can be of any size. Teams need not be formally recognised teams or clubs, they may be facebook groups, workmates, a shop team, a PT team or a sponsored team or just running buddies or training partners.

There is no need for members of a team to lodge entries together. When you submit your entry form, you state in the space provided which team you are part of. If you are not part of a team you can leave it blank. The race director will then track how many runners are participating under that team name.

Team scores are taken on the fastest 4 times – including a least one ladies time.

There is only one Award and it is awarded to the fastest team. There is not a separate prize for male, female or age category teams.

The first 4 top-scoring runners (including at least one woman) for your team will have their time counted for the Team Stampede and the team with the lowest time wins.

If you forgot to write your team name on your entry – please email us and we can adjust it for you.

Happy Recruiting!

Sean Greenhill
Race Director

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