75K Course

The Course: Ultra SkyMarathon

Date: Saturday 13 April 2019

The Buffalo Stampede Ultra SkyMarathon course takes runners on a tough 75.4km challenge taking in the unique scenery of the amazing Mt Buffalo in Victoria’s Alpine country. Starting in the picturesque and welcoming township of Bright at the foothills of some of Australia’s most impressive mountains, The Buffalo Stampede covers 75km with the main attraction being the climb to the Mt Buffalo Chalet and the unique formations of Mt Buffalo.

Buffalo Stampede 2015, Ultra Trail Run VIC

Buffalo Stampede 2015, Ultra Trail Run VIC

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Distance: 75.4km
Ascent: 4654m
Descent: 4654m

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MAPS and GPX files here

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Course Description

Leg 1: Bright to Buckland

Description: Starting in Howitt Park on the banks of the Ovens River and in the centre of Bright, runners embark on their journey along 3km of flat single track following Morses
Creek then suddenly uphill for the first climb of the day. The 700m haul to the top of Mystic Mountain precedes a steep descent to Bakers Gully then back up to Clear Spot before starting another downhill through pine plantation to the Buckland Valley and Aid Station 1. As runners travel down Harris Rd into the Buckland Valley, they get the first full frontal look at Mt Buffalo in the distance with Keating Ridge in the foreground. Both
need to be tackled.

Distance: 0 – 12.5km (12.5km)
Elevation: 1029m Ascent + 1092m Descent

Leg 2: Buckland to Eurobin Creek

Description: After getting their first glimpse of Mt Buffalo coming into the Buckland Checkpoint – runners start through the settlement of Buckland and through farmland and
up and over Keating Ridge. This is another testing and steep grade trail with a great downhill into the Eurobin Creek Picnic Area.

Distance: 12.5km – 24.3km (11.8km)
Elevation: 349m Ascent + 333m Descent

Leg 3: Eurobin Creek to Chalet

Description: The perfect setting for an aid station – Eurobin Creek will be cram packed with runner and crew facilities. Runners then face “The Big Walk”… 10km with elevation of 1126m. Taking in some of Mt Buffalo’s finest views and traversing soaring granite rock faces runners reach the Chalet before eventually turning to retrace their steps.

Distance: 24.3km – 34.3km (10km)
Elevation: 1126m Ascent + 86m Descent

Leg 4: Chalet to Chalwell Galleries (return)

Description: Leaving the Chalet runners take the underground river track over rocks and creeks to Lake Catani. From here runners follow the waters edge along the Lake to “Chalwells Galleries”. The Galleries present unique rock scrambling challenges as runners squeeze through monumental rock formations. Runners return via the underground river track for a welcome break at the Chalet First Aid Station.

Distance: 34.3km – 41.4km (7.1km)
Elevation: 430m Ascent + 430m Descent

Leg 5: Chalet to Eurobin Creek

Description: Down “The Big Walk” to Eurobin Creek Picnic Ground – quads will be screaming!

Distance: 41.4km – 51.4km (10km)
Elevation: 86m Ascent + 1126m Descent

Leg 6: Eurobin Creek to Buckland

Description: Retracing your steps across Keating Ridge to Buckland Valley and the last aid station before the finish line.

Distance: 51.4km – 60.5km (9.1km)
Elevation: 333m Ascent + 349m Descent

Leg 7: Buckland to Bright

Description: From Buckland to Bright. Runners make their way up to Clear Spot and down to Bakers Gully where there is a Basic Aid Station. It is then back up to Mystic for the final spur descent to the outskirts of Bright. Returning along the banks of Morses Creek and finally arriving at the Ovens River the runners will receive a rousing finishing reception.

Distance: 60.5km – 75.5km (15km)
Elevation: 1092m Ascent + 1029m Descent

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