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The Course SkyMarathon

Date: Sunday 14 April 2019

The SkyMarathon is a downhill course – starting at Mt Buffalo and returning to finish in Howitt park in Bright.

The Buffalo Stampede SkyMarathon course takes runners on a tough 42km challenge taking in the unique scenery of the amazing Mt Buffalo in Victoria’s Alpine country. Starting at the old Cricket Pitch on Mount Buffalo – runners run onto the underground river trail and negotiate Chalwells Galleries before making their way down the Big Walk through Eurobin Creek Picnic Area and through the Buckland Valley to Clearspot. From here Bright is in sight and runners summit and descend Mystic Hill before a final run along the river to Howitt park and a heroes welcome and a large crowd in the centre of Bright.

Buffalo Stampede 2015, Ultra Trail Run VIC

Buffalo Stampede 2015, Bright VIC

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Distance: 42.2km
Ascent: 2003m
Descent: 3033m

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MAPS and GPX files here

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Course Description


Leg 1: Buffalo Chalet to Chalwell Galleries (return)

Description: Leaving the old cricket pitch – runners make their way up past the Buffalo Chalet and onto the Lake Catanitrack to Chalwells Galleries and runners then navigate the galleries and take the underground river track back to the Buffalo Chalet.The Galleries present unique rock scrambling challenges as runners squeeze through monumental rock formations. Runners return via the underground river track for a welcome break at the Chalet First Aid Station.

Distance: 34.3km – 42.2km (8.1km)
Elevation: 458m Ascent + 458m Descent


Leg 2: Chalet to Eurobin Creek

Description: After the adventure of Chalwells Galleries – runners descent the amazing trail that is the Big Walk off Mt Buffalo. The Big Walk descends to Eurobin Creek Picnic Area where a big crowd awaits and the sound of cowbells rattle through the trees. This section of the trail takes in 10km and descends 1126m with little gain.

Distance: 24.3km – 34.3km (10km)
Elevation:86m Ascent + 1126m Descent

Leg 3: Eurobin Creek to Clearspot

Description:leaving the cheering crowds of Eurobin Creek runners settle into the journey to Clearspottaking in Keatings Ridge, the farmlands of teh Buckland Valley and making their way up Duffus Drop to Clearspot. Both Keatings Ridge and Duffus Drop provide a formidable challenge and by the time runners reach Clearspot they get their glimpse of Bright township below – awaiting their return.

Distance: 12.5 – 24.3km (14.3km)
Elevation: Ascent: Descent:

Leg 4: Clearspot to Bright

Description:Runners descent Clearspot to Bakers Gully and then tackle Mick’s track up to Mystic Hill and the launch pad. Runners then descend to the river and run in through the township of Bright to a heroes welcome in Howitt park in Bright.

Elevation: Ascent: Descent:1066m

Buffalo Stampede 2015, Ultra Trail Run VIC

Blake Hose smashes the 2014 record and sneaks in just under 4 hours for a tough marathon run.


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